VA – 80 Hours Package -$8.48hr


These packages are valid up to XX days from purchase date. You get 244/5 support and assistants available on Skype, email & phone calls. Virtual assistants are dedicated towards work and we are recognized for working without any delay.

What is the role of virtual assistant?

A Virtual Assistant does the majority of things that a personal assistant or office administrator does, but they’re never in your office. Answering telephones, replying to emails, invoicing your clients, anything you can do online, our Virtual Assistant can help you with.

  • Calls/Emails/6Calendar/Schedule Management
  • Data Entry/ Bookkeeping/Word Processing
  • Internet Research/Data Mining/Data Feed
  • Real Estate Services/Lead Generation & Follow Ups
  • Administrative/Clerical/Live Customer Support
  • Website Update/Minor Tweaking/Product Adding
  • Manage and Update Social Media Accounts
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Product Description

Hours calculation We have different packages based on different goals and requirements. So if you buy any package, the hours will be allocated to your virtual assistant and he will keep the track record of all the used hours with the task details where those hours being spent.

On the final submission of the report, the updated sheet of the tasks and consumed hours is sent. So neither you are over charged nor you have to pay work lazy hours, you are just paid for the worked hours.

Use of remaining hours:Sometimes when you buy bigger packages, our hours keep rolling out in the next months. We value your invested money; your hours are rolled over in the coming month so that you can use them later on when you need them.


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